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B. Formance

B. Formance

Tissue with sagging, loose skin and “orange peel”. Improve muscle tone, skin elasticity and thus minimizes recent stretch marks. It also has an excellent draining effect.

B-formance a double action combined for a certain result!
The double action of ultrasound associated with mesoporation (electroporation)

Studies and continuous research into new high-performance and advanced technologies in the cosmetic and medical fields have led MANTIS engineers to combine the recognized advantages of ultrasound with the transmission power of mesoporation (non-invasive mesotherapy without the use of needles), developing a unique device of its kind, which has a combined dual action: ultrasound + mesoporation for excellent B. FORMATION.

Ultrasound, reinforced by the efficient transport power of mesoporation, gives life to an innovative device for the fields of aesthetic medicine and professional aesthetics: B • TRAINING.

The action of the active ingredients conveyed during the treatment is reinforced, thus guaranteeing immediate results.

 Price      1000 Kč – 45/60 min